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Pipette of the Month

December Pipette of the Month: The Brandtech Transferpette S

For the coming months, the pipette experts at TTE Laboratories will isolate a few excellent pipettes that qualify for the title: Pipette of the Month. While you can use these pipettes any month out of the year, we like suggesting tools you can depend on for excellent results.

3 Reasons Pipette Training Is Critical to the Bottom Line

Part 2 of 2

The Key to Pipetting Error Prevention, Cost Control and Productivity

1. Variability in Pipetting Technique and Skill Level = Variability in Results

In Part 1, I mentioned that in my 30 years of laboratory experience, I have never had formal pipette training. If your story is similar, I’m sure you’ll agree at pipetting skills vary greatly from one lab tech to another. What is not often realized is the significance this variability can have on measurement accuracy, cost and test results. For example, consider the following: 

3 Reasons Pipette Training Is Critical to the Bottom Line

Part 1 of 2


Training is the Foundation of Repeatability


Golfing, painting, composing, archery, driving even pipetting all require guidance, followed by the development of skill, to achieve excellence. Accuracy and repeatability are at the heart of this excellence.

For almost [30] years, I worked in and around laboratories where pipetting accuracy was critical to the objective…accurate test results. Yet, in all that time, I never received formal training on proper pipetting technique, nor was I ever formally evaluated for pipette performance competency.

Three Pipette Horror Stories in the Lab

Three Pipette Horror Stories in the Lab

As little ghosts and goblins prepare to carry their high-capacity pillowcases through their neighborhoods to grab as much sugar as they can carry, we thought we would share some real life horror stories from our experiences providing services to vital laboratory tools.  While we aren’t quite reaching the depths of twisted science like Dr. Frankenstein, there are three practices we see regularly that will chill the bones of anyone dedicated to solid, high quality liquid handling practices in the lab…

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1.Smart™ Advance Single Channel Pipette

The Smart™Advance is simple to operate, light weight and extremely comfortable to use by both right and left hand users. Each pipette is color coded for quick volume identification. 

Pipette Tips - 5 Things You Need to Know


For those of us who calibrate on a daily basis, the repeated routine of pipetting may have become almost second nature.  In fact, a metrology-centric calibration program should provide the standardized expertise necessary for proper performance assessment and maintenance.  However, periodically brushing up on the fundamentals of practice and procedure can refresh your skills, correct errors, and remind you that even the smallest mistakes can lead to major ramifications in the lab space. Understanding your process and having mastery of your chemistry lab supplies, or biology techniques, will play a huge role in your success or failure. So let’s go back to the basics to ensure the highest quality of service and measurement at every turn with these 5 things you need to know about pipette tips:

Goal Posts, Cheerleaders and Fine Fare - But Gronk Stole The Show!


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What makes a good pipette purchase?

At TTE Laboratories, we think about that all the time. In our view, a good solid liquid measurement tool has these specific characteristics:

Test your pipetting knowledge!

How much do you know about today's mechanical pipettes? Each week, in our Accuracy Matters blog, our readers can find all sorts of useful information about pipetting- best practices and tips, regulatory changes and innovative techniques. This week we're testing your knowledge!


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