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Accuracy Matters

The Undeniable Value of Conference Exhibits

Conference exhibits and industry vendor shows have historically been excellent events for bringing buyers together with sellers through… wait for it… face-to-face interactions. Although the standard business transaction of placing paper purchase orders from colossal paper catalogs has shifted over to electronic systems, the process where supply meets demand still requires the development and nurturing of business relationships. For example, having recently attended the 2014 American Society for Microbiology Conference exhibit in Boston, I introduced myself to 25 key business representatives in a 4 hr. period.  I have subsequently established a dialog with 10 of those people, with whom a valid business opportunity was established.

Guide to Ergonomics

Typical force and repetition rates in manual pipetting rates in manual pipetting add up to 5,000-10,000 lbs/day, enough to push over an elephant

Pipetting Accuracy: Like Holding a Concert in Your Hand

What Does the Symphony Have to Do with Pipetting? 

While one might not naturally associate laboratory scientists with symphony conductors, they, like conductors, do rely on a similar arrangement of finely tuned and integrated instruments, skills and techniques to achieve high pipetting performance and reliable test results.

Why Calibrate Your Pipettes

Pipettes are the primary tools that laboratory scientists use each day, perhaps as a hammer is to a roofer. They provide accurate measurements of very small volumes of liquids in the user’s quest to obtain correct test results. But pipettes are mechanical devices that require regular calibration service to maintain their accuracy and precision.  The similarities are not unlike the maintenance of your car. Without regular service and repair, your car can break down, leave you stranded and result in high repair costs. Pipettes are no different. Let’s explore this further, directing our focus to the measurement science and relevant standards.

Pipette Maintenance 101: Learn How to Properly Clean Pipettes

The care and maintenance of your pipettes is arguably one of the most important routines for working in the lab. Implementing a strict schedule of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual pipette maintenance could mean the difference between purchasing new, expensive equipment and relying on precise measurement instruments. A well-cared for pipette will last longer, provide more accurate results, be calibrated more precisely, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

The Importance of Proper Pipette Repair

TTE Replacement PartsProper pipette repair service must include established, model-specific components, maintenance and repair processes in order to ensure valid compliance to tolerances, as well as maintaining measurement performance between service intervals.

Pipette Service Providers – Are They All the Same?

Pipette Calibration - The Correct WayMaintaining the performance of your piston pipettes and related measurement equipment is a key ingredient in the quality of your science. However, pipette services vary greatly from one to the next, leading to confusion about which service provider to select.

Pipette Calibration Services: “Oh, You Still Do That?”

In the wake of the recession, many academic, biotech, and pharmaceutical labs have been forced to take costs into consideration in order to remain nimble in today’s economy.  For these companies, which rely on ISO-accredited pipette calibration & metrology repair services to conduct research in their laboratories, traveling pipette service providers may

Proper Metrology Calibration Services Require Broad Accreditation

In order for a calibration lab to achieve ISO 17025 certification, an accrediting body (AB) must ensure both the competency and the quality of a calibration lab’s measurement capability and management system.


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