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An Accurate and Convenient Pipette Calibration Solution at No Additional Cost

The EZCal Solution provides pipette calibration accuracy, reliability and convenience and there's no fee to join nor cost for any of its benefits. The only requirement is that you agree to use TTE Laboratories exclusively for your pipette calibrations over the next two years at our regular prices (which are very competitive). And don’t worry about being locked up: if at any time during the first two years you’re not satisfied, you can cancel completely. We ask only that you reimburse us at our guaranteed-lowest prices for the pipettes we gave you at no charge when you first enrolled.

Without paying one penny extra, you get all of the following benefits and advantages:

Free, Premium Quality, New Pipettes

Conventional pipette calibration, repair and preventative maintenance normally results in downtime for scientists. Trying to avoid these delays, however, often leads to short-term thinking and questionable choices, like using onsite or non-8655 compliant calibration providers because they minimize downtime.

With our new EZCal™ Solution, you get enough free, certified, premium-quality pipettes that your lab team can maintain full productivity 24/7/365, even while a portion of your existing pipette assets are out of the lab, with us, being calibrated.

Here’s how it works: For every ten pipettes you enroll in our EZCal™ Solution, we provide one new, premium-quality pipette, fully certified, ready to use, and completely free of charge.  

With 100 of your pipettes in the program, for example, you get 10 FREE single-channel premium-quality pipettes. We do this for your convenience and productivity while we’re servicing a portion of your existing assets. And to be clear, they are yours to keep at the end of your two year EZCal™ term. (Should you wish to terminate your EZCal™ enrollment for any reason before the two year period is completed, you can simply cancel, and purchase these pipettes at our guaranteed-lowest price.)

With EZCal™, your staff need never again lose productivity while you obtain an ISO 8655-compliant pipette calibration service.

Free Shipping and Shipment Insurance

Your pipettes travel to and from our state-of-the-art calibration laboratory quickly, safely and securely in our custom-designed protective service packs. You also get pre-printed shipping labels, packing materials, and worry-free insurance up to $2,000 per shipment, all of it totally free to you. Lessening the burden on your own resources, TTE service packs help to ensure that your pipettes are returned to you fully compliant to applicable standards and in “like new” condition.

24-Hour Turnaround Pipette Calibration Service (No Charge)

Pipette service turnaround time is important. So at TTE Laboratories, we are committed to providing both ISO 8655 standards-based pipette calibration compliance AND maximum convenience. The moment your pipettes reach our ISO accredited calibration laboratory, we get right to work. Our calibration process, certified to the highest industry standards of ISO 8655 and ISO 17025, includes extensive repair capabilities and comprehensive preventative maintenance procedures with every pipette. We guarantee to complete all routine services within 24 hours. Extended service repairs that may be necessary on any one of your pipettes will not delay the return of your other pipettes. That’s another part of our guarantee.

Unique compliance with ISO 17025 and 8655

ISO/IEC 17025 is a written set of general requirements calibration providers must follow to have their management process be deemed “competent” by a suitable accreditation body. It requires firms to document  processes and systems and insure they are always followed. However, the standard has nothing to say about how good or effective those processes may be. Nor are the guidelines specific to any device; they apply equally well to a broad range of equipment requiring calibration, including not just pipettes, but also medical devices, communication equipment, electronic devices, weight scales, pressure meters, calipers, and many more.

ISO 8655 on the other hand is a very detailed set of standards, methods and controls that a pipette calibration provider must follow to correctly and accurately calibrate piston pipettes. The specifications of ISO 8655 are rigorous and define in detail exactly what is required for a valid, trustworthy and reliable pipette calibration

The simple truth is that if your pipette calibration vendor—whether traveling or lab-based—does not comply with ISO 8655, you can not be assured you are receiving reliable, repeatable and accurate pipette calibration. 

TTE Laboratories is the only full-service, ISO 8655-compliant pipette calibration lab that also delivers the convenience and range of benefits you get with EZCal™

12 Month Accuracy Warranty

Thanks to our sterling quality controls, once we calibrate your pipette, we guarantee its accuracy for a full year – twice the industry average! If you ever suspect one of your pipettes is not performing up to specifications, send it to us. We’ll quickly evaluate the issue and report back to you. If our service workmanship or materials are at fault (normal wear and tear or misuse are obviously excluded), we’ll repair and recalibrate the pipette without charge.

Proactive, Basic Maintenance and Repairs

With our EZCal™ Solution you get a lot more than just pipette calibration. Before we even begin the calibration process, we inspect every pipette inside and out and make all the necessary repairs. While your pipette is disassembled, we provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance service to ensure it’s functioning like-new: now, and with the highest possible assurance it will continue to perform correctly over the next twelve months. That’s another valuable part of our industry-leading guarantee.

Your Choice of Calibration Options

Within our ISO 8655-compliant pipette calibration procedures, you can select any one of five different calibration and certification options to suit your program requirements. From our most compliant service to our most basic, our pipette calibration, maintenance, and repair services provide industry-leading strict measurement accuracy, guaranteed to enhance the quality of your science. 

10% Discount at Pipettes.com

As an EZCal™ member, you get a full 10% discount on every purchase you make from our guaranteed-lowest price online laboratory supply superstore, pipettes.com. With over 5,000 products readily available for rapid shipment to you, there’s no better place to buy your pipette supplies, replacement tips, bench top equipment and other laboratory necessities. Your EZCal™ membership makes our already low pricing even more unbeatable.

Comprehensive Certifications Included

TTE Laboratories’ signature calibration certificates include our industry best Measurement Uncertainty values. This ensures that your pipettes are ready to go, reliable, and traceable to NIST. Each service level includes a certificate with specific details and pipette performance data. The best way to evaluate a calibration option for your needs is to review our sample certificates and determine which you prefer.

Custom Measurement Tolerances

TTE Laboratories normally calibrates pipettes to their manufacturer’s performance tolerances. However, for our customers  with specialized tolerances, TTE will perform pipette calibrations to meet your precise requirements.

Your Choice of Calibration Schedules

Under our unique EZCal™ Solution, TTE Laboratories will calibrate your pipettes on whatever schedule works best for you, with cycle times as long as six months.  

Need More Help?

Interested in additional management, pipette training, and real time audit assistance?  Check out our EZCal Complete™ Solution.