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EZCal Complete™

An Accurate, Convenient, All-Inclusive Pipette Calibration Solution at No Additional Cost

If you’re concerned about the work required to manage your calibration program, or about FDA or CLIA audits, or if you simply want consistency from your laboratory staff as well as your pipettes, then our EZCal Complete™ Solution is for you. It includes all of the benefits of EZCal™ plus with 3 important additions:

Online User Pipette Training Included [Optionally, may be on-site]

We help you upgrade the accuracy and consistency of your team’s pipette work with valuable training options. 

Our online webinars, available free of charge at the convenience of your staff members, offer “best practice” approaches to maximizing pipetting performance in real-world situations. Your staff will learn optimal pipetting techniques and procedures that will minimize errors, improve productivity, limit the need for rework, reduce waste of expensive laboratory materials and generally upgrade the performance and cost effectiveness of your lab. 

For larger organizations, we also offer live, on-site performance training options that can be customized to your specific requirements and needs.

Free Audit Assistance 

With EZCal Complete™, your team need never again face tough-minded FDA or CLIA auditors without experienced calibration professionals in your corner. Our highly-trained and thoroughly experienced audit team will back you up, whenever you need us. We're always "at-the-ready" for your questions and during audits we can provide the documentation required for program compliance, plus support with any calibration OOT (out-of-tolerance) certificates. With EZCal Complete™ audit worries become a thing of the past.

Free Pipette Tip Compatibility Testing

With EZCal Complete™, the risks from pipette tip incompatibility disappear. The majority of laboratories purchase pipette tips on cost. Unfortunately, many generic or universal-fit tips, although appearing to fit, create unseen measurement inaccuracies. These 'errors' can reach inaccuracies of 5 - 10% or more and are caused by poor quality, poor manufacturing or poor sealing points on a pipette, often invisible to the user. The fact is, unless your pipette tip is the same brand as your pipette, you cannot know if the tip is compatible with your pipette. With EZCal Complete™ TTE Laboratories will calibrate your pipettes with the exact pipette tip you use in your lab and eliminate this variable. This calibration will reflect the true performance of your pipette with the pipette tip you actually use. It is the only way to really be sure and we've got you covered.

Your Own Account Manager at TTE Laboratories 

We’re on your side, every step of the way, with a dedicated Account Manager who works closely with your team to provide, facilitate, and manage all aspects of your pipette calibration program. Regardless of the number of pipettes in your facility, the management and scheduling of calibrations and repairs is time consuming and tedious. When you sign up for EZCal Complete™, these functions become our responsibility. For example, we will:

  • Manage your specific pipette service program requirements, including logistics, document control and the security of your pipettes.
  • Maintain a validated database of your pipette assets and service history, including the extra, free pipettes you get when you enroll
  • Manage the reminders, notifications and scheduling of pipettes for service
  • Notify you about pipette service dates, service status, and guaranteed return dates
  • Provide pipette logistics service materials, including custom protective packaging, when and where you need them, to provide safe and secure transport of your valuable pipettes.
  • Assist with program service forms and asset control documents, so information is always accurate and all requirements are met.
  • Manage calibration certificates, ensuring their availability with all calibrated pipettes.
  • Provide program-enhancing management reports as requested (asset reports, calibration OOT reports), so pipette assets can be tracked and trends can be identified.
  • Provide pipette performance improvement opportunities (training upgrades, demo opportunities, pipette tip performance testing, and more).
If additional management, training, and audit assistance isn't required, check out our EZCal™ Solution.