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EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™

Pipette Calibration Solutions That Are Accurate, Convenient and All-Inclusive at No Additional Cost

Keeping your delicate instruments in good condition is a key priority for any research or testing lab. At the same time, work can't slow down when equipment is being calibrated, and budgets must be prioritized. That's where TTE Laboratories comes in. Based near Cambridge, MA, we offer a number of convenient and affordable pipette calibration solutions for clients across the country.

TTE Laboratories is the first and only company to bring simplicity and peace of mind to the often complex, uncertain world of pipette calibration and management. Our two innovative and convenient pipette calibration Solutions, EZCal and EZCal Complete are all about removing the burden of accurate pipette calibration from your shoulders and taking them onto ours.

With EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™, you can eliminate turnaround time completely and stay productive while having the peace of mind that comes with knowing your important tools are working their best and delivering accurate results in any application. Keep reading to learn more or contact our office to get started with either of our pipette calibration solutions today.

EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™ are Convenient

When we say convenient, we mean it: both EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™ provide free pipettes so while some of yours are being calibrated, you can continue operating with your normal number of pipettes. By making shipping time irrelevant, labs from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine no longer have to make a tradeoff between calibration accuracy & reliability and convenience & price.

Both EZCal and EZCal Complete™ Solutions combine the convenience and minimal downtime of traveling pipette calibrators with the accuracy and reliability of TTE Laboratories—the only pipette calibration vendor that conforms to the critically important ISO 8655 standard. And neither solution costs you a penny more to use!

EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™ are Affordable

There's no fee to join EZCal or EZCal Complete and no cost for any of their benefits: all you need to do is agree to use TTE Laboratories exclusively for your pipette calibrations over the next two years at our regular prices (which are very competitive).  You can even cancel that commitment at any time (see the EZCaldetail or the EZCal Complete™ detail pages to learn more).

EZCal™ is for everyone interested in easy and accurate pipette calibration at no additional cost

EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™ are Accurate

EZCal Complete™ adds significant management, training and audit assistance features to EZCal™ for our customers concerned with FDA and other audits, and with maintaining consistent accuracy to accelerate their development work.

Choose the Pipette Calibration Solution That Works for You

Both EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™ customers receive free shipping, free loaner pipettes, and our exclusive 12-month accurate pipette calibration guarantee. Upgrade to EZCal Complete™ and get access to online training, audit assistance and other features. See the chart below for complete details about both programs.

Your Benefits


EZCal Complete

Free Pipettes

As soon as you enroll in EZCal, we increase your inventory with new, premium-quality pipettes, TTE certified, free of charge. This allows your team to keep working at full productivity while we’re calibrating some of your existing pipette inventory

Free Shipping and Shipment Insurance

Your pipettes travel to and from our state-of-the-art calibration laboratory quickly, safely, at no cost to you.

24 Hour Turnaround Pipette Calibration Service

The moment your pipettes reach us, we begin our calibration and repair (as necessary) service. We guarantee to perform all routine pipette calibration, repair and preventative maintenance services within 24 hours.

Unique compliance with ISO 17025 and 8655

Only TTE Laboratories provides ISO 17025 accredited pipette calibration services and complies with the critical-for-pipette-calibration ISO 8655 standard, and does it with 24-hour turnaround.

Twelve-month Accuracy Guarantee

All pipettes calibrated by TTE Laboratories are backed by our industry-best 12-month guarantee on workmanship and materials. We also offer a unique “pipette replacement program” option.

Proactive, Basic Maintenance and Repairs

We inspect and make almost all necessary pipette repairs in-house and without delay. After a comprehensive preventative maintenance, your pipettes are returned with guaranteed assurance of accuracy and reliability throughout their full service cycle.

Your Choice of Calibration Options

Within our ISO 8655 compliant procedures, you can select any of five different calibration and certification options, plus additional options for multichannel pipettes to precisely suit your pipette service requirements.

10% Discount at Pipettes.com

As an EZCal member, you get a full 10% discount on every purchase you make from our guaranteed-lowest price online e-commerce site: pipettes.com



Comprehensive Certifications Included

TTE Laboratories issues calibration certifications with every pipette we service. Detailed and industry-standardized, your certificates are completely audit-ready.

Custom Measurement Tolerances

Whether you prefer a pipette manufacturer’s tolerances or your own accuracy specifications, TTE will provide calibration services fully compliant to your requirements.

Your Choice of Calibration Schedules

EZCal pipette calibration is available with calibration cycles as long as 6 months between services.

Free Online User Pipette Training 

TTE Laboratories’ commitment to improving your pipetting performance, which goes well beyond just the pipettes, includes a variety of “best practices” online training experiences for your staff as well as optional on-site training.


Free Pipette Tip Compatibility Testing

Tips not designed for your specific pipettes can cause inaccuracies of 5 - 10% or more. TTE Laboratories will calibrate your pipettes with the exact pipette tip you use in your lab and eliminate this variable. Our calibration will reflect the true performance of your pipette with the tip you actually use.


Free Real-Time Audit Assistance

No need ever again to face tough-minded auditors alone. Our highly-trained and thoroughly experienced audit team will back you up whenever you need us.


Dedicated Account Manager

We’re on your side every step of the way, and we prove it with dedicated liaison staff who work closely with you to schedule, facilitate, and manage your pipette calibration program.



Learn more about the EZCal™ Solution or EZCal Complete™ Solution.