I recently had an experience with a customer near Boston with over 200 pipettes he needed serviced before the end of the month.  When we first talked, he insisted that their group really needed a traveling pipette service program that would come to their lab.  Since we were in the midst of developing our new onsite service program for research labs, and only 45 minutes drive away, I was eager to offer this service to him.

Ever since TTE was founded, we’ve always believed in two things:  The most accurate and precise pipette calibration done to controlled ISO standards of 8655 procedures (impossible to perform onsite) including PM and repair;  and a easy service for the customer without interrupting their lab work.  That’s why our signature service includes a 24 hour service turnaround time.  Working with our customers schedules, we complete pipette calibrations 24 hours after receiving them, and can give local customers our Next Day Service using our dedicated TTE couriers.  More distant clients still enjoy a swift service combined with our expedited shipping options.

We’ve been delivering on this promise for over 25 years.  It works for clients as far away as California.

In this case, the new client, was looking forward to an on-site traveling service.  It’s what they were used to, and it worked for them.  We know that a service like this has its limitations, and exposes labs to unnecessary risks and expense.

We’ve heard this many times.  Too many times, in fact.  That’s why, during the fall of 2017, we decided we could provide a limited service specifically designed to meet the needs of the basic research labs that must have an onsite service.

I was excited to announce this service to our new client, but after consulting our professional lab personnel about this client, I was informed that our new onsite service was still in development, and not quite ready to handle the needs of this lab.  It was doubtful, in the current stage of development, that we would be able to deliver an excellent service in time for this customer.

I went back to the client, in person, and had to tell him that we couldn’t offer an on-site service this year.   However…

I asked, “Do your scientists work on Saturdays?”

“No way!”, said the client. “There may be a few folks here, but no one works on Saturdays here!”

I explained that while most lab scientists take Saturday off, TTE completes most of the work over the weekend when labs are quiet.  We pick up pipettes for service on Friday, during the later morning hours, around 11am; and we return them before noon on Monday.  I also explained that we understand that people have their own pipette sets, and that pipettes “live” at a specific location in the lab.

“We have a way to make sure all pipettes are bagged and labeled according to location, user, description, etc; and we’ll also ensure that they all are returned to exactly where and whom they came from.”

After showing the new client our bags, and describing how our Onsite Logistics Team would come on Friday to organize and bag up the instruments for him, he was impressed.  “That sounds easy.  All we have to do is decontaminate them and lay them on the bench for Friday at 11am?”

“Yup!  We take care of the rest for you.”

Over the course of two weekends, we handled over 350 instruments for this client without any issues!  

When asked how it went, the customer replied, “That was much easier than before.  We didn’t have to give up our whole day to run pipettes back and forth from lab benches, and you didn’t take up any of our space.  Thanks for introducing this new service to us!”

We’ve been quietly doing this for 25 years.  We can do it for you too!

For more information on how TTE can make your next calibration service a better experience, or to see if you qualify for our Onsite Logistics Services, drop us a line at info@pipettes.com or call us at 800-242-6022.