TTE Laboratories Open House

TTE Laboratories open house to showcase its newly expanded Hopkinton Massachusetts facility was a great success in providing guests insight into TTE’s pipette calibration process and capabilities.  Attendee’s toured TTE’s ISO17025 accredited laboratory, learned techniques for pipetting best practices and matched pipetting skills with one of TTE’s calibration professional’s.  The newest and most efficient pipettes and laboratory products from TTE’s eCommerce website were also on display for visitors to appraise.  The day concluded with demonstrations of Brandtech’s Liquid Handling Station and the 2017 SLAS New Product Award winning Avidien 96 channel MicroPro 300, both presented live and via webcast. 

Founded in 1989, TTE’s mission has always been to provide the highest quality pipette calibration services with a 24 hour turn-around time.  “However, we understood the pipette wasn’t the only issue which needed to be addressed” said Benjamin Leverone, TTE’s Founder and President.  “To increase productivity and reduce costs associated with liquid handling errors, labs must select a quality instrument, calibrate it to the highest standards, use proper fitting tips and most importantly train users in pipetting best practices.  Recently, TTE introduced its “GMP Select” line of products and services which addresses those four core areas, thereby delivering increased laboratory efficiencies in liquid handling”.

A future Open House is planned for the Fall of 2017 and will focus on how TTE can help life science institutions accelerate research and drug development.   “Our customer’s needs drive us” said Kent Koeman, TTE’s Director of Sales & Marketing, “we hope all participants enjoyed today’s collaborative activities and gained a deeper understanding of our operations”.   TTE customer Christian Herrera of Dennison Pharmaceuticals summarized, “TTE is a highly efficient, professional lab with in-depth pipette knowledge and expedited calibration capabilities.  They’re the best”.