Ask A Tech?

Q:  My lab requires an ISO Pipette Calibration.  What do I need to do?

A: Here at TTE Laboratories, we get this question frequently. Most likely, your lab requires a pipette calibration that is conducted by an ISO Accredited Laboratory. A calibration from such a lab ensures that the service provider you’ve selected holds accreditation to ISO 17025 calibration standards. These labs can offer many different service offerings, including a service especially tailored to ISO requirements. For example, we provide service to basic research labs, but they wouldn’t be required to select an “ISO Level Service”. Our ISO Service Level Certificate includes the most thorough report of each pipettes’ performance including 60 data points and summary results. Hospitals, Biotech and Pharma labs need a competent ISO Accredited provider, but may not require our ISO certificates to receive with their pipettes. When choosing service, call us. We answer the phone, and we’ll walk you through great questions like this. See you in the lab!