Turn your Vendor into a Partner  Coming Soon: Complete and Collaborative Asset Management

After 25 years of experience with all types and sizes of laboratories, one dominant theme has resurfaced with our customers. Laboratory pipettes are numerous, expensive, and time-consuming. They are a bother, and can take significant time to manage. They cost money to purchase and maintain.  

In one way or another, customers are lacking the full control they seek over their critical laboratory equipment, and wish their vendor could do more for them under a system of accountability.

At TTE, we have a proven track record of empowering our customers to make data driven decisions that secure their process, control their costs, and bring efficiency to their operations; but we’ve always hoped for the tools to improve on our ability to assist our customers.  

We have some good news for you! We’ve found a way to match our desire to improve the service to our customers by meeting this challenge. The answer is our new collaborative Pipette Asset Management Platform powered by Qualer. Here are some features you can look forward to:

Real-Time Audit Readiness

Our Qualer dashboard will allow you 24/7 access to the current state of all your assets. Unlike legacy solutions, our dynamic platform allows you to to coordinate with vendors such as TTE, schedule work immediately, and update service histories as work is completed.

Vendors become Partners

Within an expanded framework of accountability, TTE can better manage your pipette program with you.  With a strict approval process governed by you the customer, TTE is allowed shared access to your instrument records. All data is updated and maintained in the cloud.

Key Performance Reports Guide Purchasing Decisions

Pipette performance is tracked to determine trends. Poor performing instruments can be located and replaced, keeping quality high, and Out of Tolerance Investigations rare.  

You Finally Know Everything

You’ll know how many pipettes each department owns, which are in service, which are due for service, their locations, and who may be responsible for them. Its all in one place, in real-time. Our Qualer platform is due to activate in October, 2016, but online tours are available. Call us at 800-242-6022 to schedule a webinar with our Qualer team.