Most labs spend very little time teaching their employees how to pipette correctly. Its understandable, since using a pipette is perceived to be a basic skill that every qualified lab technician possesses. In our experience at TTE, pipette techniques and understandings vary greatly amongst a wide variety of our customers, and some lab employees don’t understand that accurate pipetting is a skill that impacts their work! Even some of the most demanding laboratories have employees that pipette incorrectly---and some have been doing so for years! In fact, 70% of all pipette error is due to the user.

Lab managers know that a trained employee is certainly less likely to damage delicate equipment such as pipettes, and understand the impact of best practices upon their results. Investing in outside expert training is the best way to protect your lab results. It also reduces the amount of corrective work and deviations, which amounts to a huge cost and delay. TTE will partner with you to free you and your staff up for more important projects—the exciting work of creating new therapies and assays. Training can only benefit. Our mission is to help you run a more successful and profitable lab.

Go beyond the dos and don’ts of pipette storage with TTE Laboratories Inc.’s “Best Practices of Pipetting” training. This exclusive course covers storage, cleaning and maintenance of laboratory pipettes, as well as proper techniques for reducing strain and generating more accurate results. We also provide an onsite pipette technique verification program, where each scientist can spend time with us, one-on-one, discussing their techniques and the demands of their assays, and comparing their pipetting results to a standard—one of our technicians!

With a visit to your location, our training courses are an important part of a complete lab management program. Learn more about how our training can help your lab or contact a representative for additional details.