In Case You Missed It: Best Metrology Articles from August

In case you missed them TTE Laboratories has rounded up some of our biotech and pipette, and metrology articles from the last month incase you missed them.


There was a great deal of buzz this month about new standards in ISO accreditation and what it means for the industry into the future, below are a few pieces that caught our eyes.

1. Three Tips for a Smooth ISO 17025 Accreditation Process

ISO 17025 Accreditation can be an important step for many labs towards greater accuracy and efficiency, but without proper preparation it can be more costly than it should be. This article offers an excellent glimpse into the factors that should be considered while getting accredited.

2. What’s Really Cool About ISO 9001:2015 

A short piece from Denis Robitaille about a few important aspects of the new ISO 9001:2015 standard and what you should be excited about.

3. ISO 14001: 2015 Panic, Paperwork, or Opportunity?

Worried about the increasing lack of commonality as ISO standards stretch from quality and environment towards IT, security, risk and asset management? Not to worry, the International Standards Organization has created a single template for all management system standards and this article explains it. 

4. Risk-Based Thinking and ISO 9001:2015

Does ISO 9001:2015 leave you feeling concerned about auditing risk? This article should help you address the concerns of auditors and understand the focuses of risk-based thinking. 

5. The Future of ISO Is Risk Management

Looking for another perspective on ISO 14001 and where risk management is going? Give this post by Lynn Jean McSparrin a read.


Pipette news by its nature is going to relate to the latest equipment. We’re always happy to see what new innovations are out there making life in labs more accurate and comfortable.

1. A Journey In To the History of Micropipettes!

Ever wondered how we went from mouth pipetting to the beautifully engineered machines we use today? Read through this article and find out, because the transition is stunning. 

2. Multichannel Pipette accelerates sample screening at INTEGRA 

An interesting glimpse into how lab equipment can easily contribute to greater efficiency and accuracy in a lab setting. 

3. World’s Smallest Pipette Nanoscale Revelations

It always interests us to hear about pipette’s being used in novel way. This short posts illustrates how the world’s smallest pipette was used to reveal that tiny droplets of liquid metal freeze much differently than their larger counterparts. 

4. Productive Pipetting - are robots the only solution? 

Some great tips for what to look for in products and when it’s a good time to think about automating a process. (With some company specific equipment mixed in, of course.)

5. Global Pipette Industry Report 2015-2020

The report provides an overview of the trends that will shape the pipette industry into 2020.


While the biotech world is always abuzz with a new startup making headway in an interesting direction the big news this last month was the approval of two PCSK9 inhibitors. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the biotech and biopharma industry from last month.


1. Why Pharma Must Change Its Model          

While PSK9 Inhibitors present a huge new opportunity, and another increasingly rare “blockbuster drug,” there are many compelling reasons why the pharmaceutical industry as a whole should still be concerned about its future. In this post Bernard J. Tyson the chief executive of the Kaiser Foundation reflects on his concerns about the industries model. 

2. Startup in biotech adds two base pairs to genetic code

While synthetic biology will always have hesitant detractors a startup, Synthorx, quietly announced that using two novel base pairs it was able to create a completely new form of E. coli bacteria.

3. FDA opts for four-letter suffix to distinguish biologics and biosimilars

The US FDA has published guidelines on the naming of biosimilars, adding a four-letter suffix. Biosimilar makers argue that this would needlessly complicate the prescribing system. 

4. F.D.A. Approves Repatha, a Second Drug for Cholesterol in a Potent New Class 

A broader look at the entire approval process of PCSK9 inhibitors and what it means for the US. 

5. Purdue Pharma agrees to restrict marketing of opioids

While the pharmaceutical industry has changed mankind’s ability to deal with and mitigate disease and pain there will always be the opportunity for misuse with some novel substances. In this case, it is interesting to see how a company worked with lawmakers to reign in a company’s sales staff’s promotion of oxycodone.