Pipettes play important roles in laboratories throughout the world. In order to replicate test results and arrive at accurate diagnoses and discoveries, researchers create and observe very specific biological processes. These processes often depend on the repeatability of exact ratios and precise measurements. Pipettes must deliver both as they contain, transfer, and measure fluids in a laboratory setting.

Of course, pipettes and the mechanical parts within them, such as plungers and pistons, will undergo slight changes over time. Cross contamination, temperature or humidity changes, human error, and everyday wear and tear will compromise a pipette's accuracy and function. That's why it's so important to clean your instruments thoroughly and seek accurate and effective calibration services that operate according to the science of liquid measurement.

Your calibration service must follow strict regulations and methodology standards set by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization.  Given the fact that many providers do not follow ISO guidelines, they do a poor job in preventing costly mistakes and inaccurate data.  Before you select your calibration provider, learn more about the differences between your two primary options: off-site and on-site calibration services.

Flaws of On-site Calibration

After closer examination of your priorities and established ISO guidelines, an on-site service may not be an option any longer.  In science and medicine, accuracy always trumps convenience. On-site pipette calibration is a service that may seem easier or faster than transporting your equipment; and it's often cheaper than off-site services. However, it's important to understand the cost-cutting methods these services employ, identify the methodology flaws in their process, and anticipate the possible impact on your data and budget.

Uncontrolled Setting

In most processes, Scientists cannot perform accurate experiments or produce useful data without a control group. After all, in order to monitor and compare the effects of specific variables, you must be able to eliminate any outside influences and make sure your variables are the only differences between your samples or subjects. The same is true of the measurements you take, which is why controlled environment measurement uncertainty (mu) is a primary requirement of proper liquid measurement. Unfortunately, because their calibration equipment is in an uncontrolled environment, on-site service providers cannot provide a true sense of their measurement uncertainties.  This leaves customers with mystery as to how “close to the standard” their results are.

Insensitive Equipment

Precise calibration tests require several pieces of sensitive calibration equipment such as 5-place analytical balances, 6-place Micro Balances and 7-place Ultra-Micro Balances.  This sensitive equipment functions correctly at constant temperature and humidity on a stable surface like a granite table where it never moves.  This allows altitude, air flow, temperature, and vibration to be controlled at a high level.  This type of equipment set in this environment not only  meets ISO regulations for pipette calibration, but provides low measurement uncertainty values, which give scientists the assurance they need for their instruments.

Because traveling on-site pipette services cannot eliminate every variable or often only use one balance for all volumes of pipettes,  their clients receive subpar results with a much greater measurement uncertainty. In fact, the uncertainty is a mystery, and the customer is left wondering how accurate their pipettes really are.  Their options are further limited by the amount of tools and equipment they can bring to each laboratory.  Complex repairs are often left for the customer to deal with on their own.

Benefits of Off-site Calibration

Off-site pipette calibration is the superior service for many reasons, but three are particularly important to achieve the required accuracy in laboratory settings. If your pipettes are calibrated at an ISO Accredited, off-site facility, the following advantages will ensure precise results and ensure the data you collect:

Controlled Calibration

Pipette calibration requires the same controls as any other measurement or scientific test, but these controls aren't limited to environmental conditions. Calibration equipment must also be consistent and precise, and technicians must be fully trained and gauge tested against each other. It's impossible to re-determine the accuracy of these controls after moving sensitive balances and calibration equipment from one lab to the next.

Off-site calibration providers rely on their own calibrated equipment, and they calibrate in a space that they fully control. Instead of coming to your laboratory with equipment that travels frequently, they introduce your pipettes into a fully controlled space.

Accreditation and Auditing

Because accurate measurements are so crucial to your repeatability and therefore your success, pipette calibration is a sensitive and important procedure that must meet important industry standards. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issues certificates to service providers who pass thorough inspections and random audits.  Unfortunately there is much confusion about ISO Accreditations.  Many companies can meet standards set out by ISO:17025, but ignore the particular procedure for pipette calibration set forth in ISO: 8655.  Learn the difference!

Repair Options

Pipettes all contain fragile parts and tiny mechanisms that wear constantly, and even the slightest issues can cause time-consuming problems.  On-site calibration relies on limited tools and limited time, so if unexpected damage is discovered during the process, they may not have the ability to complete on-site repairs correctly and completely, leaving you with unusable instruments.

When you rely on off-site providers with the addition of a convenience shipping option and swift turnaround, you can get a complete service with few problems.   Repair equipment and replacement parts are easily accessible at these designated and well regulated calibration facilities, so if further work is needed to restore your pipettes and related equipment to their original condition, you won't have to wait for repairs or fully replace them yourself.

Why Choose TTE?

At TTE Laboratories, we achieve accurate results through cost-effective and scientifically proven methods. We're driven by metrology, so unlike travelling on-site providers, we'll never ignore an important measurement standard or settle for results with a high margin of error. Instead, we prioritize your pipettes and proper calibration methods so we can deliver the most valuable service possible.

Our TTE Value

When we launched the world's first e-commerce site for pipettes, these important research tools instantly became more accessible and affordable for laboratories across the world. We've continued to focus on accurate results and accessible services in the decades that followed, improving our warranty options and innovating new liquid handling approaches. We know you have options for your pipette calibration services, so we do our best to exceed industry standards and stay up-to-date.

Scientists Serving Scientists

Molecular scientists founded TTE Laboratories in 1989, and we still employ highly trained scientists in our state-of-the-art calibration laboratories. Instead of trusting your pipettes to traveling technicians, consider a complete service you can trust. We also use peer-reviewed methodologies and seek the opinions of experts as we validate our own methods and seek ways to improve.    

Our Standards

We have the longest warranties and some of the best accreditations in the industry. In fact, we're proud to meet the requirements of ISO 8655, which refers specifically to the calibration of laboratory pipettes. We specialize in pipettes and invest in the most sensitive equipment in order to guarantee superior accuracy with each passing year.

Protect your sensitive laboratory equipment, and deliver accurate data by making sure your research team always has access to clean, regularly maintained, and properly calibrated pipettes. TTE Laboratories is an off-site provider that puts precision first to meet the highest possible calibration standards. No matter who you chose for pipette calibration, don't settle for a provider that ignores important variables or depends on outdated and limited equipment.

If you’d like to work with the best pipette calibration services provider in the industry, contact us today to get started.