The EON S Pipette, the Last Pipette You’ll Ever Buy, is Now Available

TTE Laboratories is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its EON S™ “Forever” Pipette on its ecommerce site,

The EON S is the last pipette you’ll ever buy because, for as long as you own and calibrate it with TTE every 6 months (as most labs do), you will enjoy:

  • Unlimited FREE parts
  • Unlimited FREE repair
  • Unlimited FREE replacement
  • Easy budgeting (the only future expenses are the 6 month calibrations)

All the costs avoided with EON S ownership add up. Over the 8-year life of a typical pipette, the EON S will deliver a:

  • $345 (29%) lifetime savings
  • 91% return on investment

These are typical results; download TTE’s EON S Savings Calculator here to get your own results.

TTE Laboratories services over 60,000 pipettes a year so has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to design pipettes that are accurate and precise and are easy and comfortable to use. The resulting EON S, German engineered and manufactured, offers robust yet lightweight construction, is autoclavable and allows for simple one-handed operation with a high degree of accuracy, precision and long lasting reliability.

The EON S is the first offering in TTE Laboratories’ new “GMP Select” line of products and services: an integrated approach to laboratory liquid handling that delivers the most accurate results for the lowest lifetime cost.

Buy the EON S Now