How to Calculate Your Savings When You Invest in the EON S Forever Pipette

TTE Laboratories recently introduced the EON S pipette - the world’s first “Forever Pipette.” It offers not only simple one-handed operation, a high degree of accuracy, precision and long lasting reliability, but also an impressive financial return on your investment.

For as long as you own the EON S, and calibrate it every 6 months with us, you will enjoy unlimited FREE parts, repair and replacement. Your expenses are easy to budget, as the only future expenses are the 6-month calibrations. This means that over the typical 8-year life of a pipette, the EON S typically delivers a $345 (29%) lifetime savings, or 91% ROI.

Try the EON S Savings Calculator

But don’t take our word for it! Now you can see the savings for yourself. We have built an interactive EON S Savings Calculator that will allow you to determine exactly how much you can save with our EON S Pipettes.

To use our calculator effectively, you will need the following information:

  • The cost of the pipette you typically buy, and the number of pipettes you purchase per year
  • The amount you currently spend on your calibration service
  • The frequency with which you calibrate your pipettes

Plug these numbers in, and the calculator will return:

  • The cost to replace a pipette at the end of its lifetime
  • The amount you will spend on calibration over the lifetime of the pipette
  • The amount you will spend on typical repairs over the lifetime of the pipette

It will then return the lifetime cost of EON S ownership vs. the lifetime cost of alternative pipette ownership.

Pipette Cost Savings Plus ISO 8655 Compliant Calibration

The EON S Savings Calculator incorporates direct savings benefits when using and maintaining EON S pipettes. However, as TTE is the only calibration service — onsite or lab based — that meets both the ISO 17025 and ISO 8655 standards, EON S owners also benefit from the unparalleled accuracy and precision of calibration that comes from calibrating with TTE Labs. You can download the EON S Savings Calculator below, or contact us if you have any questions.

Download our EON S Savings Calculator here



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