Free EZCal Consultation

TTE Laboratories' EZCal™ Solutions turn pipette calibration from hard to easy and is for everyone interested in easy and accurate pipette calibration at no additional cost.

Do you calibrate X or more pipettes? Need Level 3 Calibration or higher? Interested in 24-hour turnaround, are open to using a different brand of pipette, and like free stuff – free pipettes, free shipping, free online training? Then EZCal could be right for you. EZCal™ is convenient, accurate, and won't cost you a penny extra, while offering:

  • Free pipettes, so there’s no downtime while yours are out being calibrated
  • Free shipping
  • Free 24-hour turnaround
  • No charge Audit Assistance
  • Dedicated Account Manager to help with logistics & documentation
  • The unparalleled accuracy of TTE’s ISO 8655 compliant calibration

The first step to easy and accurate calibration is a free consultation to discuss your current pipette calibration process and how the EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™ solutions could make life easier.

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