EZCal Reduces Liability

EZCal™ was created to address issues that commonly jeopardize a laboratory’s ability to conveniently and safely ensure that their pipettes provide highly accurate and precise results. To this end, EZCal provides its clients with superior calibration services with the highest level of compliance available: to the ISO 8655 standard.

EZCal comes with a number of free benefits, including free shipping and free 24 -hour turnaround time. EZCal also removes the logistical hassles with shipping to TTE’s lab by providing an extra 10% gratis (e.g., if you have 100 pipettes, EZCal provides you 10 for free) so you suffer no downtime while yours are off-site. In addition, as part of the EZCal program’s commitment to excellence and reliability in scientific research, EZCal also offers free training programs to improve scientists’ use of pipettes so as to minimize user error (typically, the single biggest contributor to error).

“Hidden” Benefits of EZCal

During the implementation of our program, customers have helped us recognize some unforeseen benefits of EZCal that are not directly related to the quality of pipette calibration. One particularly compelling reason to use EZCal is the reduced liability accompanying our off-site, laboratory calibration.

Unfortunately, those using on-site calibration services can be vulnerable to issues like theft by vendors, as well as industrial espionage. These scenarios pose a number of problems, both scientific and legal. For instance, scientific work can be copied or sabotaged by non-laboratory members, reducing a laboratory’s ability to publish high quality work. Experimental records can be tampered with or destroyed, preventing a laboratory from providing details of its experimental history and data during audits. Finally, critical or expensive equipment can be stolen by on-site workers or accidentally damaged by those who do not understand their proper use. All these - albeit rare - vulnerabilities can put a lab at higher risk for worker’s compensation and other insurance-related issues.

As a result of the liability risks of using on-site works, laboratory’s often implement strategies to continuously monitor an onsite vendor’s employees, which is time consuming and expensive. Thus, by sending pipettes off-site for calibration through programs like EZCal, scientists and technicians can rest assured that, not only will their pipettes provide more reliable results, but also that the legal liability associated with on-site vendors and contractors will be prevented.

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