For those of you who consider yourselves visual learners and benefit from seeing a process performed step by step, then this post is for you! Brushing up on the basics of pipette calibration means you recognize the importance of keeping yourself sharp in the calibration lab. In this post, we have provided a pipette calibration video from Biohit to offer helpful, accurate advice and reminders on the basics of proper calibration.

This video gives a six-minute tutorial on what is needed to calibrate and use pipettes effectively by focusing on the importance of equipment, preparation, and calibration. The end of the video also touches on some of the most common errors that occur when calibrating pipettes—and how to avoid them. For the basics of pipette calibration, as well as proper technique, maintenance, and storage, check out the following video from Biohit:

We consider this pipette calibration video useful because it breaks down pipette calibration into three steps and gives the essential details for each step. The full benefits of the video are best experienced by watching from start to finish, but here’s a brief overview for further understanding:

  • Equipment
    • Balance measurements
    • Evaporation trap
    • E2 class weight
    • Vibration free table
    • Thermometers
    • Distilled water
    • Calibration software
  • Preparation
    • Pipette, tips, water should be same temperature
    • Check balance internally and externally
    • Place E2 class weight on balance pan
    • Fill weighing vessel to 3mm
    • Place vessel onto weighing pan
  • Calibration
    • Set volume to be tested (max first)
    • Pre-wet the tip 5 times
    • Hold pipette vertically
    • Perform aspiration and dispensing cycles
    • Angle pipette 30-45 degrees against vessel for dispensing
    • Read results from calibration software

The visual, verbal, and written aspects of this video make it an excellent tool for every kind of lab technician; whether you have 20 years of experience or you’re working as an intern, there is information for everyone in these short six minutes. We hope you’ll use this pipette calibration video to keep your mind, technique, and work sharp.