California Pipette and Calibration Management Services

As a leading provider of pipette management solutions, our team at TTE Laboratories can handle some of your most demanding laboratory equipment needs. We have experience working with laboratories of all kinds, including those in various industries (biotechnology, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, etc), sizes (large, medium and small) and locations (San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fresno, San Diego and beyond).

Pipette Calibration Services in California

Your laboratory endeavors demand precision. To this end, the measurement capabilities of your pipettes is invaluable. However, the accuracy of a pipette does not remain consistent without regular calibration. Our lab at TTE Laboratories, which is accredited for ISO 17025 and, ANSI Z540 as well as compliant with ISO 8655 and ASTM E115 standards, can provide the most accurate calibration for all of your pipettes. We have experience working with all pipette brands. You can also contact us to set up pipette calibration as a part of a regularly scheduled laboratory equipment maintenance program.

All at exceptional pipette calibration prices.

Lab Equipment Repair Services in California

Although proper calibration will maintain the accuracy of a pipette in good condition, it cannot help a pipette that has been damaged or worn down. Our team is well aware of this; that is why we carefully inspect pipettes for wear and damage before we execute any calibration. Whether we notice any damage to a pipette while providing service, or you notice it on your own, we can repair it for you. As an added bonus, most of our pipette repair services are offered for absolutely free as a part of our pipette calibration services. In the event that a pipette cannot be repaired, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of replacement options.

Pipette Inventory Management Services in California

Pipette inventory management is critical, because improper management can slow down your work or cause pipettes to become lost. However, while simultaneously juggling all of your other laboratory duties, it can be difficult to effectively manage your entire inventory of pipettes. Instead of leaving things to chance, contact the TTE Laboratories team and allow us to handle the management of your pipette inventory. When you do, we will assign you a dedicated specialist to help you handle the cataloging, documenting, and maintenance scheduling of your pipettes.

Pipette Usage Training Services in California

It does not matter how accurately calibrated and well-conditioned your pipettes are if they aren't being used properly. Human error is the most common cause of inaccurate measurements, but fortunately it can be reduced  by as much as 80% with adequate training. With the help of our highly developed training program, you can minimize the number of measuring mistakes that occur. Your team can undergo the TTE Laboratories training program on-site or online to give you maximum flexibility.

Contact TTE For All of the Laboratory Equipment Services You Need

Your laboratory's equipment should match the precision with which you conduct your work. Pipettes need to be properly maintained, calibrated, and organized, and your team needs to use them properly. TTE Laboratories can help! Contact us to set up training as soon as possible.


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