TTE Laboratories: The Pipette Calibration and Repair Industry Leader

Founded in 1989 by molecular scientists, TTE Laboratories is the world’s first, affordable, metrology-driven, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and 8655 compliant pipette service provider. Over the years, we have grown into one of the leading facilities offering pipette calibration near Cambridge, Massachusetts and have built our reputation on our ability to deliver quality service to an expanding base of clients.

In 1997, TTE launched, the first ecommerce site to provide pipettes and related supplies at guaranteed low prices. Shop online and save — we have one of the largest inventories of products and back up everything we sell with expert support for academic, biotech and pharmaceutical customers.

Whether you need equipment sales or pipette repair, Cambridge, MA’s TTE Laboratories can help. Keep reading to learn more about our product and service offerings or contact our office today to arrange a pipette calibration.  NEW CUSTOMERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A 30% CALIBRATION DISCOUNT


Massachusetts Pipette Calibration Experts Providing Nationwide Service

The TTE Laboratories team has more than 50 years of combined laboratory experience. Our staff receives extensive training on the latest repair and calibration techniques from today's most prominent equipment manufacturers. Annual retraining and proficiency testing ensures all team members stay up-to-date on current best practices and operating procedures. When it comes to the delicate instruments that are driving your research, that commitment is essential to delivering results you can trust.

We can help you pass an audit with ease, whether it's for FDA, CLIA, CAPP or any other regulatory body.

GMP Select™: The Smart Choice for Precision and Savings

Today, TTE Laboratories continues to innovate as it is the only company that provides an integrated approach to laboratory liquid handling that consistently delivers the most accurate results for the lowest lifetime cost: the GMP Select™ line of products and services.

Looking for a complete, compliant and easy way to meet the pipette calibration requirements of your laboratory? New customers are eligible for a 30% discount on their first calibration, or call us about our free trial service. We would love to hear from you. Call 800-242-6022.

Echo ©

Pipette Management Solution


TTE not only offers ISO Accredited calibration services, but now a complete and collaborative asset management system for your entire pipette inventory.

Echo was created to deliver complete control of your pipette service program.  More than simple access to online certificates and histories, the collaborative ecosystem notifies you when your pipettes are due for service, and is a direct communication portal with TTE.   With instant access to all historical certificates, you'll be prepared for any audit. There is so much more.  Click here for more details 

Tour Our State-of-the-Art Labs

And learn what Metrology-driven pipette calibration can do


TTE Laboratories is unique in providing free 24 turnaround: within 24 hours of your pipettes arrival, they are on their way back. Guaranteed.

TTE also understands the many factors that affect measurement uncertainty in pipette calibration and take great pains to reduce them in our tightly controlled laboratory. Our Metrology-driven calibration lab (metrology is the science of measurement) minimizes uncertainty and maximizes your results accuracy and reliability.

Unique Support for ISO 8655

And the longest warranties in the pipette calibration industry


TTE Laboratories is the only pipette calibration provider—whether onsite or lab-based—that meets both the well known ISO 17025 standard and the far-more-important-for-pipettes ISO 8655 standard.

And thanks to our best-in-industry quality, we can provide a full 12 month guarantee on parts and workmanship: twice the pipette calibration industry standard!