TTE Laboratories: the Pipette Calibration and Repair Industry Leader

TTE Laboratories was founded by molecular scientists with a passion for precision who wanted (but couldn't find) a high-quality, metrology-driven, ISO 17025 and 8655 compliant, convenient and affordable pipette calibration and repair service ... so they started one. Welcome to TTE Laboratories.

EZCal and EZCal Complete

Accurate. Convenient. All-Inclusive. No Additional Cost.


With EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™ you no longer have to trade off calibration accuracy and reliability for outstanding convenience and price.

Both revolutionary solutions combine the convenience and minimal downtime of traveling pipette calibrators with the accuracy and reliability of ISO 8655 compliant TTE Labs. And while both EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™ provide free pipettes (so you don't suffer downtime while yours are being calibrated), free 24-hour turn around and free shipping, neither solution costs you anything extra to use.

Tour Our State-of-the-Art Labs

And learn what Metrology-driven pipette calibration can do


TTE Laboratories is unique in providing free 24 turnaround: within 24 hours of your pipettes arrival, they are on their way back. Guaranteed.

TTE also understands the many factors that affect measurement uncertainty in pipette calibration and take great pains to reduce them in our tightly controlled laboratory. Our Metrology-driven calibration lab (metrology is the science of measurement) minimizes uncertainty and maximizes your results accuracy and reliability.

Unique Support for ISO 8655

And the longest warranties in the pipette calibration industry


TTE Laboratories is the only pipette calibration provider—whether onsite or lab-based—that meets both the well known ISO 17025 standard and the far-more-important-for-pipettes ISO 8655 standard.

And thanks to our best-in-industry quality, we can provide a full 12 month guarantee on parts and workmanship: twice the pipette calibration industry standard!

The Power of a Single Agenda

At TTE Laboratories, pipette calibration is our business, our only business. We have chosen to focus 100% on our clients’ pipettes, all the time. As a result, we’re a highly specialized firm with a single agenda: providing unsurpassed pipette calibration, repair and related services to our customers.

Although we service all pipette brands and models, TTE Laboratories is entirely independent from all pipette manufacturers. We provide comprehensive, complete and honest service, regardless of brand, and tailor our calibration and repair to meet your requirements, not a manufacturers'.

Given the choice, is a pipette manufacturer’s calibration service biased toward repairing a defective pipette or replacing it with a new one? And if “repair” is the customer’s preference, does the service provider support the installation of validated-quality parts that are priced significantly less than its own name-brand equivalents?

As independent specialists, beholden to no brand-name restrictions. TTE Laboratories pursues just one agenda: providing our customers with the best, most convenient, and most reliable pipette calibration, maintenance, repair, user training and management services.